Bachelor Party Check List


Costa Rica Bachelor Party Checklist | Jaco Beach Destination Vacation

Planning an epic bachelor party in your home town can be a fairly easy task, however planning a destination vacation bachelor party in Costa Rica or any other country can be confusing and some might say even impossible. We are here though to show you how this can be done and not nearly as hard as you thought it would be.

In the past, the tradition of planning this big night was put in the hands of the best man. Now this can be done as a group, anyone in the wedding party or even the groom (if he has the time to do so).

This event needs to be one that your crew will talk about for years to come. At Bachelor Party Kings, we are here to help each step of your Jaco Beach destination vacation. We can make this event one that even your children will be talking about in the years to come.

Bachelor Party Checklist

  • Get feedback from the groom – As fun as it would be to plan and have him show up, his input is valid.
  • Pick a location – Destination bachelor parties are definitely the ways things are going, but the groom may not want to travel right before the big day.
  • Make sure you have a budget in mind – Try to stick to it. I know this is a hard one to follow, but knowing how much each person can spend will help make the planning successful.
  • Pick a date – Once you have a date range and budget in mind let the planning of your getaway begin.  
  • Invite your guests – Plan on including close friends and family. You don’t want anyone to feel left out. This doesn’t mean though that everyone will be able to make it. Let them decide though. Can make things very awkward at the wedding though if you forget someone.
  • Choose your accommodations – Whether it is a condo on the beach or a luxury villa, Bachelor Party Kings has something for every group size. Also, decide if each person would like their own room or just their own bed.
  • Plan activities and tours – ATVing, deep-sea fishing, adventure maybe a few of the things calling to you and your group. Think about what you would like to see and do while away.
  • Meals – Do you want to cook or would you like to leave the cooking to us? Most say “Oh we can cook”, but after a long day of relaxing or adventure it may be easier to come home to a prepared meal by your private chef. Do you really want to cook breakfast when everyone is hungover from a night of partying? Let our chefs do the work!
  • Social Media – Remember Facebook owns the rights to your photos once posted. Be cautious of what you post. Just like in the movie the Hangover. Look at the photos once and then decide what to do with them. What happens in Jaco stays in Jaco.
  • Bring Cash – ATM limits how much cash you can take out per day. Banks charge 10% to do cash advances on credit cards. Make sure you plan accordingly and bring cash as most services, tours, etc… only accept cash.

We’re Going To Costa Rica

Costa Rica Bachelor Party Checklist | Jaco Beach Destination Vacation

Costa Rica is a tropical country with two seasons. Locals would call it Dry Season (summer) and Rainy Season (winter). Summer months generally fall in the months of November to May and winter months June to October. Both seasons, however, are great for a getaway at Jaco Beach.

So picking a month depending on the weather isn’t the main point on your Costa Rica bachelor party checklist. You want to pick a month though that works with everyone’s schedule.

Once you select the month you will need to decide on the number of days you want to vacation for. What works best for you? We would recommend a 4 to 5 night get away. Keep in mind that you will spend one day getting here so we would hate to see your party be cut short if your flight doesn’t arrive till late on your first day. If 4 to 5 nights isn’t enough, maybe plan for a week. You will not run out of activities and things to do.

Make a list of activities you would like to do while on your destination vacation in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica. The more details the better. You may even want to factor in a bit later of a start in the mornings if the evening before includes a night of partying. We would hate to see someone miss out due to a hangover. Here’s a fun fact: “Chiliguaro” works great for a hangover. Make sure you ask to have a stock in the house. Very similar to a Bloody Mary, but in shot form. Locals swear by it, and I am sure you will too.

Bachelor Party Kings can help you fill out your Costa Rica bachelor party checklist by planning out your days and activities. You tell us what you would like to do (anything from ATVing, deep-sea fishing, paintball, ziplining, hiking to even checking things off your bucket list) and we can put it together for you and your group.

Costa Rica Bachelor Party Checklist | Jaco Beach Destination Vacation

Our Kings Service

I know that putting trust in someone to plan your event can be a bit intimidating, but we have you covered. With numerous years of experience planning events just like yours, you can be rest assured that we will give you the best in VIP service on your destination vacation at Jaco Beach.

VIP service includes is the following:

  • Transportation – From the moment you step out of the airport our highly trained staff will be there to greet you with a warm welcome and friendly elbow bump (gotta keep it Covid friendly). We will transport you to your destination in one of our air-conditioned shuttles. So let the party begin and leave the driving to us. Planning an evening out we can assist with getting you the transportation you need for a night on the town or dinner out at a local restaurant. And when it is time to say “Hasta la Vista” we will be there to make sure you don’t miss your flight (unless on purpose).
  • Accommodations – Finding the perfect condo or villa can often be the most stressful item on your destination vacation bachelor party checklist. Costa Rica is our domain, so leave the worries to us. Let us know how many people will be staying, how many rooms you will need as well as beds. We will ask the questions we need to ask to assist you in finding the perfect location. We will offer you a couple of different options and once you find the place of your dreams we will ensure that it is booked and held for your group.
  • Meals – leave the cooking to us.  We work with a number of different private chefs in Costa Rica. A wide variety of meal choices are available.
  • Rest & Relaxation – Each guest will enjoy a 60-minute massage in the comfort of their villa. Why not? You deserve it… You will pick the date and time. Would be the perfect end to your vacation.
  • One tour of your choice – Pick one amazing adventure from the following list:
    • A. 4-hour ATV ride in the jungle. With a leap of faith waterfall jump and a beautiful swimming hole.
    • B. Waterfall Rappelling 65 meters + 8 zip lines on an 850-acre private eco ranch.
    • C. White Water Rafting in Costa Rica. Class III to IV depending on the time of the year.

Night On The Town

Not everyone wants to stay in for the entire trip. Some groups would like to get out and party with the locals and other tourists that have come to Costa Rica to enjoy everything Jaco Beach has to offer. For this reason, Bachelor Party Kings has come up with two amazing “Night On The Town” packages. Pricing is based on the size of the group. Pick a nightclub and we will make sure you and your group are treated like royalty all night long.

Bachelor Party King’s Baller  

2 BOTTLES Friday or Saturday night only in one of Jaco’s nightclubs.

• Choose from Grey Goose, Titos, JW Black, Chivas, Jameson Irish, Patron Silver, Don Juilo.  • Group must be at the table before 11:30 pm; otherwise, the offer will not be valid and you will not be refunded.  • Private transportation for the night out in the city.


• Bartender (4 hours)  • Surf and turf lunch with traditional Costa Rican sides. • Complimentary Gray Goose and Patron Silver bottle. • All additional beer, liquor and mixers are paid for by the customer.

Bachelor Party King’s Party Like a King

4 BOTTLES Friday or Saturday night only in one of Jaco’s nightclubs. • Choose from Grey Goose, Titos, JW Black, Chivas, Jameson Irish, Patron Silver, Don Juilo. • Group must be at the table

before 11:30 pm; otherwise, the offer will not be valid and you will not be refunded. • Private transportation for the night out in the city.


• Includes round trip transportation. • Mixers and beers, complimentary bottle of Gray Goose and Patron Silver.  • Maximum 20 guests, additional fee will apply for groups with more than 20.

Returning To Reality

Unfortunately, all good things have to come to an end, and you will need to return to the realities of real life. On the bright side you will all meet up again real soon when your best friend is pronounced as ‘man and wife’. Remember though, what happens in Jaco stays in Jaco. This might not be the right time to verbalize the amazing time you had in your speech to the happy couple.

Before your event, you may also want to discuss what will happen with photos and videos taken while away in paradise. This is a very important conversation. We don’t want to hear that they ended up in the wrong hands. And if they do, we will always be here to help plan your next bachelor party.

One last thing to remember is that this doesn’t mean you can never relive this trip of a lifetime again. In Costa Rica, we like to say “Hasta la Vista” meaning, ‘til we see you again. We truly do hope to see you again. Whether you are planning another Costa Rican destination vacation, bachelor party, family getaway, or even a guys get away fishing trip we will always be here to help.

There is only one King in Jaco…  

Let us treat you like part of our royal family!!