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Private Yacht Rentals


Party Boats for Bachelor & Bachelorette Groups

Having fun on the sea is such an amazing and breathtaking experience in Costa Rica. You will get to see fantastic views and take part in great tours and sports activities. The Pacific ocean provides an amazing backdrop for your party boat, which offers the best services for a luxury cruise in Jaco. Snorkeling and watching the gorgeous sunset are all part of the fun.

The Highlights of the Party

party boat with people
Sunset Private Yatch Party

Jaco Beach Party on the ocean

A DJ For Your Boat Party

You will get to dance and have fun in a celebration all your own. The DJ will play the latest music from fabulous equipment. Everyone will have a great time

Costa Rica Party Boats

Customize your boat parties for fun and adventure. With our professionally trained staff, you will get the best from luxurious accommodations to live music, and so much more. You will love the culinary aspects of your party boat where you can choose from great foods, BBQ, salad and dressings. Not to mention an open bar with your choice of drinks. We have fantastic chefs and bartenders that serve with extraordinary hospitality.

A Great Bartender

Our courteous bartenders will mix you the finest drinks. We have an extensive selection of vodka, tequila, wine, rum, and beer, as well as all the mixers that you will need. Everything from cocktail napkins to cups is included in your exceptional boat party. 

The Experienced Captain and Crew

The people we employ are experienced and trained at sea for action should the situation require it. Our captains have a combined sailing experience of more than 20 years. There are 2 mates who are bilingual as well.

You should make it a priority to book your boat party now. You will love every minute of it and we know that you will find it exceptional. When you are booking with us, you will be treated with the respect that you deserve and also with the warm hospitality that you expect. We are ready and willing to book your party boat when you are ready to sail the Pacific Ocean in style. Get ready for a marvelous time that you will never forget!