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ATV Tours


Picture yourself discovering Costa Rica, its wildlife, waterfalls, remote villages, rainforests, and beaches while driving a motorcycle or quad ATV. It doesn’t matter where you come from, what language you speak if you’re a seasoned veteran wanting something more technically challenging, or simply a first-time ATV rider, we have the tour for you!

Typically, one of the options is a 2-hour tour where your specific guide will take you to an exciting lookout point. There is a 3-hour tour that comprises a waterfall alongside the lookout point. A 4-hour tour consists of a waterfall, the lookout point, and a tiny pond where you can fish for tilapia.


What to Bring

  • comfortable shoes

  • sun block

  • camera


  • new model ATV and bi-lingual guide

  • 3 hour tour includes snack

  • 4-6 hour tour includes lunch


$80.00 /for 2 hours

$95.00 /for 3 hours

$130.00 /for 4 hours


Flexible start times

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