Canopy Tours – Ziplining


Ziplining is the highlight of Costa Rica. We’d often advise considering exploring through the jungle, and it’s luxuriant green canopy like Tarzan or Jane. Keeping in mind that complete and utter safety is of vital importance at all times, the always playful and exciting guides will make you swing like a monkey leaving from some of the most extended Central Pacific’s cables. Big smiles and shrieks of laughter are caught on camera by all KINDS of visitors.

For those who are between 6-60 years, you’ll have a blast! Usually, the first cable provokes nervous giggles. However, as you whiz down through the rain forest, there will be no difference between you and the little white-faced monkeys. For an additional fee, you can get transportation to the Canopy tour. Since this might be the highlight of your trip, you shouldn’t miss out!


What to Bring

  • shorts or light pants

  • insect repellent and camera

  • comfortable shoes


  • air conditioned transportation

  • water

  • fruit

  • bi-lingual guide


$70.00 /per person



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