Manuel Antonio National Park


Most people love this park since it provides you with a (half) day of nature hiking and the chance to flop in a lounge chair later and enjoy some beach time with the monkeys! Manuel Antonio National Park is generally one of Costa Rica’s most visited parks, which is close to the coastal town Quepos.

If you really need to see the monkeys, sloths, and other interesting animals in this protected area, arriving around 8:00 a.m. is a must! Also, we learned it the hard way that the park is usually closed on Mondays. Just trust us, you will experience a super educational day with an outstanding backdrop; the photos you take here might be your wall art back home!


What to Bring

  • comfortable clothes

  • comfortable shoes for walking

  • swim suit

  • towel

  • sunglasses

  • camera

  • snacks and a drink


  • varies depending on tour package


$95.00 /


As long as you'd like

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