Experience the Best Vacation With Our Bachelor Party Packages

If you are looking for the perfect place to celebrate your wedding, victory, divorce, or bachelor party, then Jaco Beach in Costa Rica is the place to be.

It also is the ideal place to let go of your failures, heartbreaks, mid-life crisis, or a break from your daily way of living. Jaco Beach has a picturesque setting, pristine shorelines, and bubbling nightlife guaranteed to give you a memorable experience.

But why come to Costa Rica for a bachelor party, only to be bogged down by planning activities that ensure you and your guests have an enjoyable time? That is where we step. Our goal is to help unburden you from the minute you land until you leave this getaway paradise. We will ensure that your primary concern is to have an unforgettable time even if you must put in some “work”; it will be worth every penny spent.

What VIP Packages Have to Offer

We are hospitality professionals that provide comfortable, unrivaled private transportation, which can be via private charted jets, planes or choppers, private taxis, vans, limos, or party buses. Moreover, we also have an array of vacation rentals. You also will get priority access to various real estate ranging from unbeatable condo rates, fantastic hotel rates as well as accommodation in a secluded or beachfront mansion. To top it all off, you and the boys will have VIP access to the hottest bars, night clubs, restaurants, and special events.

Your job will be getting here safe and ready for a fabulous time. We shall take care of the planning details on your behalf so that you get to the party and have fun. We only need you to inform us of the number of people that will be with you and your budget.

Once you determine the budget and iron out other related details, we then shall give you guys the “red carpet” treatment options so that you have a blueprint of what awaits you.

We include a personal concierge when you book the house with us to help coordinate your vacation planning.

We will give you a list of Costa Rica Tours to choose from, and if we do not have any that you might have in mind, we shall do everything we can to make it happen. We have been in the industry long enough to know all the tricks in the book regarding how to make customers happy.

Since we know you and the boys will be thinking of a bad-ass vacation, below is what you need to know when it comes to events of such standards.

As professionals that have been in the game for some years, we know what it takes to put together the ultimate crazy-party vacation. You need the perfect destination.  It should be the topmost things on your list to address, and our job is to make you see why Jaco Beach, Costa Rica is the place for a time of your life. Some of the key attributes that make it the perfect destination include:

Proximity - It is about 5 hours from most of the U.S. and Canadian hubs, as well as the low-cost, fast, and smooth flights.

Climate - Think of tropical settings, that is what Costa Rica is known for. The volcanos, tropical jungle, thrilling adventure tours, sport fishing, fabulous resorts, private party villas, casinos, fully developed vacation service industry, and its chain beaches are what makes Costa Rica a top-rated international party destination. Coming here means that you are coming to party and have a good time.

To get everything right and ensure you have a blast during your vacay here at Jaco Beach, Costa Rica, you will need us running things behind the scenes.

"Jaco Beach is first and foremost a party beach town. It is the Central Pacific's tourism and commercial hub. With so many choices for fun we narrowed it down to the Top 7"

Why Consider Us?

The Best Vacation Planning Agency

We have been in the hospitality industry for a long time. We are a vacation planning company with years of experience in providing excellent services to our customers. We are a full-service specialty planning and booking agency. Group events, especially party vacations, are our specialty. We shall offer you vacation rentals, party bus pick-ups at the airport, adventure tours, maid services, and strip club tours so that you have fun when the sun or moon is up.


The Best Vacation Rentals

The vacation rental is the other big thing we propose that be included in your itinerary. It is a must-experience single expense during your vacay. It is a home-based party plan situated in the best location with the right rates and highest value. With this option, you can pick from villa rentals located at the beach or up in the jungle, all providing maximum privacy for crazy partying all night long. Some of the rentals are in residential resorts and others in gated community settings.

The problem we often seek to avoid is having to deal with the wrong people when there is an issue during your stay. You would not like dealing with a real estate agent during your stay. Moreover, the owner of the rentals will not be in the country 90% of the time or is not on-demand. Then how do we address this? We have nearly 60 unique vacation rentals, all specifically designed to host parties. The best bit is that we are the designated property managers for the rentals. As such, we will take care of everything to ensure you enjoy your stay.

The Fun Factor

Private Chef Services

We all know that vacation comes with the words “No cooking!” Although restaurants are good, there’s something so classy and convenient about eating gourmet meals,…

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  • service staff
  • groceries
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Spa Treatments and Professional Massages

When it comes to where and how you’d prefer your spa experience to take place, there are options. Jaco and Herradura have a couple of…

  • massage table
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Sea Kayaking & Snorkeling

For those who PEACE and QUIET are vital during their dream vacation, we’ve discovered just the right thing for you. You can slide into your…

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What about package deals for a party vacation?

If you are planning for a full-blown bachelor party or to cut loose with a few of your guys as you enjoy some fishing and other activities, you will find that Costa Rica has lots to offer. One of the mistakes that we will help you avoid is thinking that you will get the best value when you go for a package deal. It might sound like a bargain with an inclusive resort deals, but you will likely be forced to spend 90% of your vacation at the resort when you pick these deals.

You are locked into the resort’s entertainment venues, restaurants, and bars, meaning you will have to spend a lot since you are restricted to their menus and prices. Being locked into their idea of fun will see you also adhere to their rules and regulations. And you might be distraught to discover that some of the resort packages do not allow you to bring back lady company, let alone invite a few buddies over to spend the night.

If you are hoping to make the most of an international party vacation at this paradise destination, things must be off-the-chain. You want the freedom to experience different things all within package deals designed to suit your privacy. Moreover, you want to stay in a secure place, a rental party villa that offers the utmost freedom for you to be you and do what you want.

Adventure tour options are also worth considering, but we recommend that they are limited to only a few choices locked into specific times you can abide by or miss out on. Let’s say that you guys come back with some company for a midnight pool party, which we highly recommend, white-water rafting scheduled for 7 in the morning will not be possible. It is all a matter of flexibility, which is what we offer—the freedom to change it up, going with the flow of things. We want you and your buddies to have the time of your lives, an experience that will make you want to come back again and again.

So, the Question at This Point is, “To Concierge or Not to Concierge?”

Having help that is call away is a brilliant idea, especially when all you are thinking of is having an unforgettable experience without having to worry about other issues. Why should you be bothered by arranging for transport when hitting the club strip or restocking the beer, steaks, or BBQ in the middle of your party? Do not let these things eat into your fun time. Let us handle them for you.

A concierge is on call whether to get a bar or table of snacks for the planned afternoon pool party or an impromptu taxi service to take you to the next beach town. The vacation package deals we have often included this service; however, you must confirm that you want this included when making your booking.

Get in touch with us for more details on how we can customize your vacation trip. We do not provide generic party packages. We always give our esteemed clients the best services, customized to meet their desires.