6 of Costa Rica’s Best Beaches on the Pacific Coast


Having made its name as the adventure capital of Central America, Costa Rica is an amazing place to visit due to a wide range of activities – thanks primarily to its diversity of land-bound diversions. Costa Rica adventure activities range from rain forest hikes and zip-lining above the jungle to volcanic sightseeing and ATV-ing through the wilderness.

However, the country’s shorelines have plenty to offer as well. To take advantage of having a full adventure in Costa Rica, we’ve put together a list of 6 amazing beaches you should definitely try to visit.

Playa Herradura

Playa Herradura is home to Los Suenos Marriott Ocean & Golf Resort, famed for its stunning view and secluded sands. This beachfront is named ‘Herradura’ because of its horseshoe shape, and the bay has calm waters which makes it the best spot for swimming. The best sport-fishing areas are located offshore, and the sands stretch close to Carara National Park.

Playa Hermosa

Being less developed compared to its busier neighbor, the south of Playa Hermosa has over 4 miles of coastline. Even though the coastline is very popular, the long expansion of sands feels like it is never crowded. Playa Hermosa is also popular for surfing as well as holding surfing competitions, which is why it draws surfers around the world.

On its northern end, you will find a nice collection of restaurants and hotels, while its southern end is a protected natural reserve. The region is populated by amazing native animals, including colorful toucans and macaws, and four species of monkeys.

Jaco Beach

Jaco beach is well known because of its vibrant nightlife, and it’s one of the most popular destinations for top surfers in the Central Pacific. Surfers worldwide are enticed with its 2 miles of coast that have become home for top international surfing competitions. Visitors have an opportunity to take in the stunning sunset before enjoying their preferred dining options in different hubs, with different accommodations ranging from budget to luxury. Jaco Beach is a great base for inland exploration with its luscious rainforests and stunning mountain views.

Playa Esterillos

Unlike Jaco and Quepos, Playa Esterillos has miles of chocolate-colored sands that one can stroll in near seclusion while enjoying a dramatic backdrop of forest hills. Playa Esterillos is divided into three sections: West, East, and Central. Besides a few local communes in the West, you are not likely to come across many people on the sands that get dramatically wider during low tide. Its strong undertow makes the waters suitable for wading rather than swimming. The area offers excellent surfing opportunities.

Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonia is not only one of the most popular National Parks in the country, it is also home to one of the best beaches. This National Park has spots to satisfy nearly everyone with its rainfall terrain and sandy shores, which are excellent for swimming, water sports, and many other activities. You can also just lay around and soak up the sun.

Playa Matapalo

Playa Matapalo is located south of Manuel Antonio. This beach can only be accessed through a dirt road that is best traveled with a 4X4.  This light-sanded beach is filled with swaying palm trees, and is home to 2 small villages. A person can roam for miles without encountering another visitor. For the best experience, a visitor can explore the shoreline on horseback. The calm waters are great for swimming as well, and the secluded sands make sunsets even more spectacular.

Plan Your Costa Rica Trip Today

From world-class surfing spots, bustling beach resorts to even secluded coasts, Costa Rica is a country that is blessed with activities that can make a trip successful and enjoyable. It is better to spend some time on the beaches of Costa Rica.

Whether you’re interested in surfing, partying, sport fishing, or just relaxing, Costa Rica has something for you. Contact Bachelor Party Kings and start planning your dream vacation today!